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…hip and foot pain

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Dr. Stalheim.  My teenage daughter developed hip and foot pain while training for cross country.  Dr Stalheim not only relieved her pain through massage and ultrasound but spent time studying her gait, stride, flexibility, etc to see if there was an underlying problem causing her pain.  I appreciate that he wanted to identify and solve the root cause instead of just treating her pain.  He was incredibly thorough and conscientious while caring for my daughter and I will refer everyone I know to him.

-Sue B.


…upper and lower back pain

I first went to see Dr. Stalheim after throwing my back out from lifting weights. Dr. Stalheim made time to see me at my convenience the next day and spent nearly an hour adjusting my back and teaching me exercises to work on to strengthen my injured muscles. I was very impressed by his attention to detail and his willingness to spend time with me beyond the initial adjustment. I absolutely recommend Dr. Stalheim and I will be recommending him to my friends.

-Adam R.


…shoulder pain 

I had two shoulder surgeries in 2012, my right one in June and left one in July. My physical therapists helped, but my shoulders were still hurting. If they couldn’t relieve my pain, how would a chiropractor do better? I thought it would be a waste. It turns out that I was in for a surprise. On March 7th, 2013, my pain finally propelled me to see Dr. Conrad Stalheim. His evaluation of me was amazing. I thought I already knew my shoulder problems, but it turns out I didn’t know all of the aspects. His knowledge, commitment, and passion impressed me right away. If you have pain, I would recommend seeing Dr. Stalheim as soon as you can. He quickly alleviated my pain. Opening a door doesn’t hurt my shoulders anymore, and neither does lifting a 160-lb-barbell over my head. That’s the best feeling ever!

-Jordan W.


…lower back pain 

Dr. Stalheim was able to help me with my back problem in a way that no other professional had. I had been to chiropractors and PT, and was able to experience symptom relief and strengthen my back, but had re-injured myself several times, and I didn’t know why. It was disheartening to say the least, as I was persistently afraid that I’d suddenly get hurt while in the gym.  Dr. Stalheim was able to explain that my problem was due to HOW I was moving, both in the gym and in everyday life. He provided symptom relief with manual therapy, but ever so more importantly, he taught me how to change my movement patterns to prevent re-injury and protect my back. I now feel confident that if I keep practicing correct movement patterns, I won’t have another catastrophic back injury.  I was also thrilled to work with a practitioner that understood my fitness and strength goals and wanted to help me achieve them, rather than suggest that such goals were inappropriate for a middle-aged woman.

-Tarah C.


One of the best features of Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center is the way Dr. Stalheim makes you feel the second you walk through the door. He cares about making you feel better and in helping you become pain free. You will receive not only an adjustment, if needed, but also an explanation (in plain language) of the most likely causes of your discomfort. Dr. Stalheim will tell you what changes you can make to be your best. These changes could include diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, or something as simple as morning stretches. Dr. Stalheim has helped me become stronger, leaner, and more flexible resulting in a dramatic improvement in my everyday life!

-Doug G.


…lower back pain

Dr. Stalheim has been instrumental in healing my lower back pain. Since giving birth a year and a half ago, I have been dealing with sharp lower back pain. Through the use of chiropractic adjustments, movement and strengthening exercises, I now have no pain and my lower back is feeling great in less than a month! Dr. Stalheim has provided me with the tools to continue strengthening my back and core on my own, so I do not need to plan on several chiropractic visits a week to continue improvement.

-Rachel B.


…neck pain

Dr. Stalheim is the best Chiropractor I have been to hands down. I have been under chiropractic care for 10 years, and have never had a doctor listen and care as much as he does. He helped not only provide me with relief, but also provided reasonable approaches to pain management and prevention. His practice is very professional, clean, and neat. I was in the care of another chiropractic physician for almost a year as a result of a line of duty injury. Dr. Stalheim listened to my symptoms and conditions, after a thorough examination, he was able to provide me with a better diagnosis and correct the problem. If you are looking for a new chiropractor or someone different than your current doctor, definitely give him a try!

-Eric R.


…lower back and hip pain

I was having lower back pain while working out and concerned that in going to a doctor I would be told that I needed to stop working out. I was very relieved when Dr. Stalheim not only told me I could continue training, he actually encouraged it. I really like the exercises he gave me to improve my problem area and make me stronger. After seeing Dr. Stalheim for a few treatments, my lower back has improved tremendously and I can get back to lifting with better form and knowing how to avoid pain and injury. I am SUPER happy and satisfied with my treatment and results and would recommend Dr. Stalheim to anyone!

-Julia M.


…upper back and shoulder pain

As an athlete, it is important to have functional movement patterns for effective performance. Dr. Stalheim was able to quickly and accurately assess dysfunctional movements and areas of my body that, unbeknownst to me, limited my athletic performance. Not only were these weaknesses exposed, but Dr. Stalheim was able to treat and alleviate these symptoms through a personalized approach specific to me, and not a general program, which made me a better athlete. There is no other chiropractor that I would visit besides Dr. Stalheim, I am extremely happy to be able to exercise pain-free, and without him that wouldn’t be possible!

-Patrick K.


…shoulder pain

After dealing with injury without successful treatment, I believed there was no cure and it was just part of the aging process. Over a fairly short course of treatment, I was surprised I could become injury free and stronger despite my years of shoulder pain and immobility. I was pleased with Dr. Conrad’s depth of knowledge and alternative movements for my personal limitations.  I would highly recommend Dr. Conrad as someone who understands the movements and goals of athletes and how to help them become injury-free and remain injury-free.

-Peggy K.


…upper back, shoulder, and neck pain

I’ve been doing the exercises and stretches and I’m not sure if it was the adjustment or the combo of the exercises and stretches, but I’ve had no pain in my shoulder/back since I visited you.  I’m up to holding the prone cobra for 35 seconds… my wife didn’t believe me, so she timed me.  Thanks a bunch!

-Andy S.


…upper and lower back pain, shoulder pain

Initially, I was somewhat apprehensive to take the step to come see Dr. Conrad Stalheim. Coming from a more traditional background in medicine myself, made me question the effectiveness of the treatment I would receive. After having seen two different doctors about shoulder and back issues, and those injuries not being resolved, I decided to try a chiropractor. Dr. Conrad was initially recommended to me, and I was not disappointed in the least. His initial exam was very eye-opening for me. It was very in-depth, and Dr. Stalheim put a considerable amount of effort into finding out what exactly was causing my pain and discomfort. Also to my surprise was the fact that he did not just pop my joints and send me out the door. He explained in detail, all of the issues in my body that were causing my injuries, helped me with my functionality and mobility, adjusted me to relieve stress and so that my anatomical structure would be back in the correct placement, and he also showed me (as well as had me perform) physical therapy exercises to help improve my stabilization muscles to further speed my recovery. You would be hard pressed to find another chiropractor who will put that much time and effort in for a patient. Dr. Stalheim has made a believer out of me. If you choose to visit a chiropractor, this should be the place you pick, you will be glad you did!

-Nathan W.


…lower back pain

I have suffered low back pain related to my weight lifting for several years. I had tried other doctors but had given up trying to find anyone who could relate to my specific injury.  Thankfully I came across Dr. Stalheim’s article on low back pain and found it to speak directly to my injury.  We initially talked at length about the nature of my injury and I immediately felt assured that he knew what he was talking about and could help me.  I was initially apprehensive about being adjusted, but Dr. Stalheim made me feel at ease with everything that he was about to do, and after the treatment I can say that there was nothing to worry about. They no longer cause me distress and I feel like they are helping me activate muscles that I need to in order to get better. The adjustments are in tandem with targeted mobility and strengthening exercises that are demonstrated in the office to reinforce the work to be done at home – which is the most important part of getting better. Dr. Stalheim prepared a thorough two-sided sheet complete with a diagnosis and training regimen that makes it easy to remember the wealth of information that we went over. Ultimately my outlook is completely turned around concerning my injury, from feeling a general despair and isolation to feeling encouraged and empowered by someone who has been through it.  I highly recommend Dr. Stalheim to anyone looking to improve athletic performance or deal with any sports related injuries.

-Ari M.


…shoulder, upper back, and neck pain

I scheduled an appointment with Dr Stalheim after I had been experiencing pain in what I thought was my shoulder. It seemed to be getting more severe and I was losing range of motion. I workout and lift weights frequently and was worried if I had my issues checked out I might be told I should stop lifting. Dr Stalheim was recommended to me and I wish I had gone in to see him sooner. Turns out the pain wasn’t from my shoulder and I wasn’t making it worse by working out. He made a treatment plan for me and after a few months I was completely pain free and my range of motion is back to normal. I was very pleased at how thorough Dr Stalheim was and I’m so thankful for his treatments. I’m feeling better than I ever thought possible!

-Tara K.


…hip flexor, lower back, upper back, and neck pain

After multiple hip flexor injuries despite physical therapy, I decided to give Conrad a go at Iowa Chiropractic. He didn’t give me exercises to make my hip flexor feel better, but rather found out WHY I kept reinjuring it and helped me correct my weightlifting movements. He also helped pinpoint why I was having front shoulder pain as well. We worked on functional movements and ways to improve both areas and I have been injury and pain free for the last 3 months! SOO glad to have my squat back!

-Ashley L.


…shoulder and neck pain

Dr. Stalheim has helped me with some issues I had stemming from scoliosis. I have a lot of knotted up muscles and imbalances that he helped me with. I train for competitive CrossFit events and have felt stronger, more stable, more balanced, and feel less pain after working with Dr. Stalheim. He gives you great advice and homework to help you improve your body outside of his office.

-Tom Z.