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Why Choose Us

Chiropractic and much more…

With a background in biomechanics, exercise science, strength and conditioning, and specializing in movement, Dr. Stalheim will further help your condition by helping you to understand why you hurt, and why your pain is recurring.  


What we all really want is to have pain free unrestricted motion – we want to feel good and be able to move well, as much of the time as possible.


This requires joint and soft tissue mobility, control of that mobility, and understanding how to use your body in the way that it’s meant to be used.

While many practitioners have joint and soft tissue techniques to help things feel better – they don’t have the biomechanical and movement expertise to understand how to integrate those changes into lasting changes.

Our approach utilizes joint and soft tissue techniques to decrease your pain and help your body move better and achieve better positions (some people call this alignment).  We’ll also show you and give you movements and exercises to do as self-treatment to keep and gain further improvement on your own.



1) Better Treatment / Better Outcomes

2) Ethics


Better Treatment / Better Outcomes

Joint manipulation really shines when it is combined with additional soft tissue techniques and movement retraining.

Joint manipulation can be a very helpful treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal related pain conditions and injuries.

However, while it’s relieving, it’s often temporary and doesn’t do much in the way of helping us to keep the pain or injury from recurring, or help us understand why it  happened in the first place.

If you’re completely satisfied with a quick pop or the list of exercises and stretches you’ve been given by a practitioner, by all means, keep doing what’s working.

If not, there are places, such as Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center, that take the time to truly utilize a multiple systems approach.  Something that can not be assessed or treated in a 5-minute visit.  Our functional assessment process for a new client typically takes 45-60 minutes with follow up treatment sessions of about 20-30 minutes.





We don’t upsell you treatment that you don’t need or want or treatment that isn’t in line with your goals.

Most clinics, even if treatment is fairly mediocre, are still highly ethical, but as in any profession, not all are.

Many aches and pains, particularly ones of fairly short duration, can be eliminated in 5 or less visits.

More chronic conditions can often be eliminated or greatly reduced in fewer than 10 visits.

Some conditions or goals require a lengthier treatment period. This is more the exception than the rule.

Some people find that periodic treatment helps them to remain pain-free or perform better.  This is something of your own determination, not something we (or anyone) should pressure you into.